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Capturing the views of every day life is more a spiritual practice than my creative process or artistic intent.  

I began making pictures for me - so I wouldn't forget the beauty I've seen. What if one day 


Pause and behold the glimmers of hope and expectation we see in the ordinary places of our ordinary days.

We don't with intention and gratitude  my surroundings, to look with intention and gratitude for   I strive to capture the emotional values of of place and atmosphere.   I hope my photography will remind us that beauty and grace are always nearby in the ordinary places of our everyday worlds.  On foggy days, rainy days, cloudy days and on s even on T

His roles in merchandising for Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue and Coach among other luxury brands taught David the power of images. The same visual discipline and restraint  that drove his success creating product, brand imagery and store environments inform and influence his creative work today.

David picked up his first camera in 2012. and discovered the joy of creating images for his own artistic expression, untethered from any corporate objectives or client wishes.  

Today, when not capturing or editing pictures David is Creative Director and Interior Designer for Nichols Design Group, an Architectural firm in Boston.  
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