• David G. Fuller

"Do I look like I'm having fun Uncle Dave?"

Bill the dog rowing at sunrise

“Uncle Dave. Bill here. Bill the dog.” Wow Bill, you’re up early this morning! Are you out on a fun adventure? Wait....are you rolling your eyes? “Seriously Uncle Dave? Do I look like I’m having fun? Rowing? At sunrise? I swear, sometimes I think my father wishes he had a slobbering Labrador Retriever to do stupid butch stuff with - newsflash Dad! I’m a POOOODLE! We sleep. We read literature. We nibble on croissants in sidewalk cafes and judge people. We do not get up at sunrise to row a god damn boat. The worst part Uncle Dave? No internet. I haven’t been on humper.com for weeks.” A little break from humping will do you good Bill...besides, for what it’s worth when I went on family vacations, there was no internet. My sister and I shared one Etch-a-Sketch and one View Finder in the back seat of a car...a car without air conditioning or seatbelts. “Oh Sweet Jesus Uncle Dave...that is a sad story. Now go bore somebody else with it..I’ve got a boat to row.” #billthedog#poodlesofinstagram

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