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Pause and Behold. I have a deep seated belief that seeing, deeply seeing, the beauty around us in our daily lives is essential to a life of gratitude and hope. 

In the ordinary places we pass everyday, amidst the ordinary things of amidst the ordinary things of our and simple grace to be found in the ordinary things of our common life. 


David Fuller draws on his 25+ years of creative leadership in luxury retail to inform his approach to photography.  It is the same philosophy behind the creation of compelling brand strategies as compelling artwork.


A gifted eye, refined and disciplined by 25+ years of creative leadership in design and merchandising.


An intuitive heart, deeply aware of the shared human experience;  who we are, and who we hope to become.


A keen sense of humor are pillars of David's philosophy. 


It is the same philosophy  intuition refined and disciplined by 25+ years of creative leadership. Deep understanding the 


A deep understanding of the human condition, intuition and insight into fused with his refined aesthetic 

His gifted eye, intuitive heart and keen sense of humor are pillars of David's life and work.


David draws on his 25+ years of leadership in the retail industry  A deep understanding of our shared human experience - who we are, who we hope to become.  A sense of who we are and who we hope to become. His ability to make us laugh and have  large roster of distinctive followers.

A deep seated belief that beauty is essential to a hopeful life



David Fuller Design | Design, Manufacture and Marketing of customized residential lighting for the Interior Design Trade



Nichols Design Group

David Fuller Design 

Director of Retail | Ralph Lauren Europe

Director of Merchandising | Harry & David

Director of Stores | Mark Cross; Coach

Director of Stores | Samsonite Black Label


Her refined aesthetic and innate ability to cross categories with ease has garnered a distinctive clientele from fashion to culture to interiors.






Limited editions are available in custom sizes up to 60x80" framed or unframed.  Artwork is printed on premium luster or fine art cotton rag paper using archival inks.


Please send a message with the image number. We will review sizes, frame options, pricing and shipping details with you.

​​​​Every order of fine art is a custom order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

a coherence created by the intensity and logic of his search for pictorial clarity." Callahan’s photographs are highly organized with clean, graceful lines that introduced a vocabulary of formal abstraction 

balances description and abstraction, personal expression and universal meaning, the simple and the sublime…faithful to subject matter while being clearly about formal structures of photographic picture making.

a hobbyist photographer turned professional artist 

express the constant formal and conceptual concerns that give unity to Harry Callahan's treatment of some of his favorite subjects. The intimate landscape, including views of fields, leaves, and weeds of Aix-en-Provence, the sandy beaches of Cape Cod and the snowy shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago

The human condition.

Like water. it will rise or fall to the level of its surroundings.


The spaces we inhabit. The company we seek. The things we posses.

Order, Beauty, Art.

These have the power to transform who we are

and guide us toward who we hope to become.



Interiors come alive with my original artwork. Whether working with a designer or renovating a space of your own, I am available to help you select from my collection or I will create a custom, contemporary art piece for your home or office.

Original paintings can be shipped. Custom prints are available to order in various sizes, on stretched canvas or paper.  Email me for pricing.




It is my hope to create a body of work that honors this potential and consistently reflects our best values.

It is my plan to offer my artwork and develop related merchandise collections  

Christine Flynn is a Toronto artist living in Prince Edward County working in photography and mixed media. Flynn is known for her landscape photography imbued with abstract elements, creating works of art that exist in between two mediums. In doing so, Flynn elevates the potential of what it means to be a contemporary photographer. The relationship between the photograph and abstract elements is nuanced: the abstractions do not distract from the photograph, but instead appear as if they are part of the image, enhancing it and adding depth.

Flynn composes images that hinge on nostalgia to ground the viewer. With the advent of Instagram, we have become inundated with travel photographs that are aspirational. Flynn's art pushes against the genre of travel photography whose purpose is to create envy and instead allows the viewer to access a feeling of recognition or belonging in a place they’ve never been. She presents photographs that embody the memory of a place, rather than a straight-forward depiction.

Fine art photographer Judith Gigliotti creates evocative portraits of  nature. Her subjects include vivid fresh flowers, beach scenes around  the world, dramatic cityscapes, and the sea. Through her lens these  subjects tend to take on an epic quality, like something from a dream or  a movie. Her painterly photography plays with light, color,  composition, form, and scale to reveal more than just the natural world;  her images seem to reveal something about all of us

Working in a tight space?  Have something specific in mind?  Need to go huge?  We can do it. Let us know which image/s and what size/s.  We'll send you a quote asap.  

David's work bridges the divide between photography and paintings.

David's work offers a sense of serenity

Known for his pastoral views of the New England countryside and beachscapes 

transcend the line between realism and abstraction. His photographs are infused with an intimate knowledge of nature, a passion for pure color, and a rhythm drawn from life itself. His trademark style involves abstracting the photographic image to lend the work a much lauded painterly appearance. By providing the viewer a sense of place, yet obscuring the details, he allows each individual to step into the image and bring forth their own visual history. The ensuing narrative is enriched through the power of memory, infusing a personal creative process with universal appeal.

Duckworth's art imparts a calming, meditative and contemplative quality intended to elicit a deeper consideration of ourselves and our environment.  He is most well known for his quietly abstract landscape photography of the Southeast coast, wherein the images read as luminous, rhythmic color field paintings.  More recently his work has become immersive multimedia experiences involving video, music, performance, painting, and photography. 

Romantically Minimalist"


His work bridges the aesthetic divide between traditional and modern.

The seen and the unseen

To use his visual craftsmanship to reveal the unseen, 

Invitations to personal reflection

A glimpse of the mysterious, mystical, wonderous.

Behold that which is not seen.

An antidote to the maddening emptiness of the material world.

The emptiness 

A refined aesthetic disciplined by a professional life combusts with his deep curiosity, intuition, understanding of the human condition with What separates David's work is his innate ability to capture the unseen in a picture. It is the emotio fuses his refined aesthetic with his deep intuition to captures the unseen

His pictures are the antidote to the material world that refined and discuokubed his eye - an invitationtion into the unseen, t

David has spent a lifetime immersed in the many disciplines of visual craftsmanship. merchant, a designer, a brand strategist

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