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Artwork has the power to transform spaces, hearts and minds. 


It is my hope to create a body of work that honors this potential and consistently reflects our best values.

It is my plan to offer my artwork and develop related merchandise collections  


Limited editions are available in custom sizes up to 60x80" framed or unframed.  Artwork is printed on premium luster or fine art cotton rag paper using archival inks.


Please send a message with the image number. We will review sizes, frame options, pricing and shipping details with you.

​​​​Every order of fine art is a custom order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

It is my hope to create a body of work that offers collectors, designers and l bridge the gap between generic artwork widely available online and the rarefied world of elite art galleries. 




David is interested in partnering with design professionals, art consultants and premium merchants and affiliates to provide exclusive artwork for their clients.

Trade benefits will include price incentives, exclusivity and color proofs.



We welcome inquiries from select brick and mortar merchants, online and other digital affiliates that share David's creative values.  

Create merchandise assortments 

Access to fine art greeting card line

Wholesale pricing on open edition images.

The summer of 2020, the summer of sorrow has taught me that beauty and art are not luxuries to indulge when times are good, but essential elements to a hopeful life. 
The summer of boredom. Long monotonous days at home, socially distanced from the people and activities we love. Repetitive news cycles, stoking fear and anger to serve political narratives from every camp. My own summer of misery made more miserable by a broken leg. I found myself trapped in a bizarre confinement within a larger confinement. Unable to move about at will, I could not take pictures where I wanted when I chose. My usual summer locations were beyond my reach.
Sanity and creativity are closely linked for me. I must create. Cut off from my usual activity I learned to look for beauty within the perimeter of our home. To bend and manipulate light from a single window to illuminate every day items - food from the fridge mostly, broken branches from the yard.  Unpacking groceries took on a new layer of interest - unblemished produce was whisked into my office for 24 hours 
 I believe now more than ever, there is always beauty nearby. 
In the midst of our collective isolation, as fear casts a shadow over our common life, as anger poisons our public dialog; let us remember beauty is always nearby, if we look for it. there is always a pocket of light casting off shadows to reveal something new.

Because not every setting calls for museum quality fine art, we are happy to offer some of David's most recognized work as poster prints.  Using state of the art technology with specialty pigment inks on premium satin photographic papers, these large scale prints will add long-lasting contemporary style to any room at affordable prices.


With 48  hour turnaround, these prints arrive safely in heavy duty mail tubes.All artwork has been formatted in three sizes to fit readily-available poster frames

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