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Recent Work

Pumpkins in the Limelight

I'm telling you, these fancy white pumpkins today like to be the center of attention. Turn your back on them for a second and they'll stage a full blown theatrical production, complete with spotlights.

I don't remember orange pumpkins being so bossy. They were perfectly happy having their innards ripped out with a butter knife, having a lit candle stuffed up their butts and sleeping on the front stoop until the snow melted in Spring. Those were the days.

Black and white still life photograph white pumpkins
Attention Seeking

Truth be told, I've been trying to resist taking pictures while I bring some current projects across the finish line. But the afternoon light streaming through the dining room windows was irresistible.

Keeping it clean and minimalist. Going dark with deep shadows and soft highlights for a bold, contemporary look.


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